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As I’ writing this post I am watching Beckam sleeping like the sweet angel that he is on the monitor. He’s officially eight months today and it’s by far my favorite month yet. His personality is coming out more each day and boy is he fun! He definitely keeps us on our toes but one giant two teeth smile from him and Josh and I are in a puddle.

As of yesterday he is officially mobile! He was already rolling all around the living but he really wanted his ball yesterday and figured out of he just moves those hands and knees that he’s been hanging out on that he actually gets somewhere. That means-baby proofing!

With that said, we’ve been filling our online shopping carts with a few must-have items for his age. He’s hit a grow spurt last month and I think he grew in length by at least an inch or two which means he’s out of all his 3-6 month clothes and moving into 6-9 or just 9mo clothes. This means curating a new wardrobe for him. Most of the stores are starting to release spring clothes but winter is basically just starting in Georgia so it’s been a little tricky but I’ve managed to find some winners!

Your Little Explorer’s List

No. 1 Pack & Play | This one is one of my favorites I’ve seen and a super affordable price too at less than $100. I love that you can easily transport it from place to place. As Beckam has gotten older he’s on a great sleeping schedule and this allows us to stick with that if we are traveling or visiting a relative. It also gives me peace of mind so that I know he is sleeping safely. I would also recommend the slumber pod if you are traveling to block out the light and a portable sound machine I also love the fact that it has the newborn insert for the top. That is a great way to create a changing station in your living room area so you aren’t having to hunch over.

No. 2 Three Pack Onsies | I am a huge fan of nuetral one pieces for babies, boy or girl! The two peice sets are great for when you want baby to be cute but for everyday the one pieces are the way to go. I can’t stand when Beckam’s belly is hanging out his socks are coming off and his pants are high waters because he’s always on the move. He looks a hot mess. This avoids all of that so that he can play freely and I can easily change him too!

No. 3 Ball Set | This was a gift from his Grandparents for Christmas and probably one of his most loved gifts. He loves that he can hold them and roll them around. They are plastic so he can chew on them and one even changes color!

No. 4 Bottles | These have been our go-to bottles since he was born. I know all babies have different preferences but I have to say, Beckam had very little colic and gas with these. They are made of silicon so now he can even hold his own bottle because it’s easy for him to grasp.

No. 5 Jumper | Another Christmas gift for the win! Beckam loves jumping so we knew this one would be a hit. It plays music and even counts his jumps, cheering when he hits 100 jumps-so cute! He even loves all the little toys that are attached to the jumper so sometimes he just hangs out and plays. This is great for when we are cooking or doing something where we can’t keep eyes on him the whole time. That way we know he is safe and contained but happy playing!

No. 6 Cabinet Locks | These looked like one of the easiest cabinet locks without having to screw anything in. We just ordered and plan on using them for the one under the sink so that he can’t get into any chemicals. Everything else sharp or breakable is up high so no need to use the cabinet locks.

No. 7 Outlet Covers | Beckam is one curious little boy so when I saw these pop up on Amazon I knew it would be a must have item. We have a ton of outlets in our living room where we spend the majority of our time and wouldn’t want any curious fingers making their way in one.

No. 8 Baby Gate | This is one of the more pricey baby gates I’ve seen but also the most non intrusive. I love that it attaches to the wall and you can easily pull it back and forth! So much better than the old school jail looking ones.

If you have a little one but haven’t quite hit this stage yet, go check out our favorite baby items for surviving the fourth trimester HERE!

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