Living Room Refresh: Design Board

I think my husband will agree that I desperately need to go back to work because the more time I spend at home the more my mind wanders on projects and design elements I want to tackle in the house. It all started with moving the furniture. Then that escalated when I contacted a Serena & Lily Designer. It was really all down hill from there.

Truthfully though I’ve felt like my living room was “off” for some time now, but I didn’t have the time or the creative capacity to fix it so I let it be. I think what was throwing me was having the fireplace in the corner but such a square living space. Normally in a space the furniture usually faces a fireplace since it’s usually to focal point. However we purchased a large sectional, which we love, the combination of how to place the sectional. and not close off the space was the issue.


Here you can see how bare and just sort of blah the space was. It wasn’t terrible (if you remove the Christmas pictures on the wall and the baby decor) but it also isn’t awseome. I didn’t love the because of the high cushions on the couch of someone sat on the grey chairs you really couldn’t have a conversation with them if you were on the couch. I also didn’t love the media stand or the beige walls.


Here you can see us making progress but still just not there. We moved the television above the fireplace and the mirror to the console table on the wall. The media stand went bye-bye and we moved the chairs adjacent to the couch to make it more conversation friendly.


We decided to flip the chairs and the couch to open up the space a bit more. The room feels so much bigger and kinda like a blank canvas. Below is the design board I’ve created for a space! We plan to add white shiplap to all the walls, change out the mantel to a light colored wood and add matching beams!

Below are all the items that I found to make up this design board. I can’t wait to see how the room comes together. For behind the scenes and real time peaks into the design process along the way you can follow me on instagram HERE!

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