Beckam’s Two Month Update & Our Top Newborn Essentials

I may say this every month, but I can’t believe how much he is growing and changing these past eight weeks. He looks so big to us, but I have to remind myself that he is just now the same size that some babies are at birth.

His little cheeks have started to fill out and they are just so kissable. Each day is a new adventure. This past month we have been working on sleep training, we moved him to the crib in his own room, and have introduced some fun new toys. Below you will see what he is loving, his milestones this month and what you actually need for your newborn baby for those first eight weeks. There are a few products we highly recommend and we truly couldn’t without. In case you missed it I also covered the top products we use in Beckam’s one month update HERE.

baby products we can't live without


Babies are much more flexible tan we think

We are following a combination of Mom’s on Call and Baby Wise (snag them below) with tips from Taking Cara Babies on instagram to sleep train Beckam. We began sleep training him at four weeks.

Start by putting him in his crib for naps a few days in a row and then make the transition completely. He sleeps much better in his crib than the bassinet. He wakes up less to eat and we sleep better because every time he makes the slightest noise in his bassinet (most of the time in his sleep) I am shooting out of bed.

This also made me thankful that I didn’t spend a ton of money on his bassinet, since he was only in it the first four weeks. We used the bassinet that came with our Upppa Baby Stroller System and just bought the stand (its was $100 on Amazon) that it clicked into. It’s great because we still use the bassinet if we are going for a walk or know we may be at an event where he may want to nap and stretch out we’ll just bring that!

The basic concept for sleep training is that good daytime sleep equals good nighttime sleep and routine is key.

His naps throughout the day are usually 1-2 hours but the times will vary depending on him and what we may be doing. He is pretty flexible if we are running errands, but we try to keep his nighttime routine the same regardless of what our day looks like, even if we don’t start bath time until 9pm, it’s still the same.

We are following a sleep, eat, wake schedule while still nursing on demand as needed. The goal here is to teach Beckam to put himself to sleep without needing to drink a bottle or nurse. The exception to this is before bedtime we will “top him off” so that his first stretch of sleep is a solid six hours.This is usually his longest stretch so we try to make it a good one!

Josh loves putting Beckam to bed; it’s their special time to bond. I will pump during the day so he has breast milk to give Beckam. We use the Como Tomo bottle and Beckam does great going between this and nursing. Best part, Beckam has had little colic with it! The key to his great sleep has been bath time before bed, (We are loving this bath seat because it fits in our farmers sink and he doesn’t slide out), this sound machine (and this one on the go), and swaddling him with his palms down under his bum, and tight so he doesn’t break loose!


10am- awake for the day, feeding, followed by play time

12pm- nap time when showing sleepy cues, feeding as soon as he awakes

4pm- goes down for a nap when shows sleepy cues

6pm- awakes from nap, feeding, play time

8-9pm- begin bedtime routine: bath, quite time, bottle, bed

9:30 pm-down for the night, he is up to a 6 hour stretch now!

3:30 am- first night time feeding: feed, re swaddle id needed, immediately put back to sleep in crib

6:30am- feeding, back to sleep (we can also get him up for the day here if we need to, his morning nap will just be earlier. It all depends if we need to be somewhere early or want to get some more zzz’s in.

first forth of july
First Holiday: Fourth of July as a family of three!


-started learning sign language

-mimics facial expressions

-smiles constantly and not out of reflex now!

-can see and recognize faces

-founds his hands (and his thumb)

-loves his new bouncy chair

-went in the pool for the first time

-met his Great Grandpa Rush

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There are a few products we use daily that simply make our lives easier and I couldn’t recommend them enough! These are what you actually need for your newborn baby, nothing more, nothing less!

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