Beckam’s One Month Recap & 10 Newborn Essentials We Can’t Live Without

In true new-to-motherhood fashion I’m late to posting Beckam’s one month recap because, well newborn life. But as a new mother you have to learn to give yourself grace so that’s what I’m doing!

DETAILS: I’m 9 lbs and 21.3 inches

We’ve seriously learned so much in these past few weeks. It has simultaneously felt like a lifetime and also flown by. I look back and think how did we ever do life without this tiny little human bringing us so much joy daily.


-Cuddling with mom and dad

-Playing on his LOVEVERY baby play mat

-Being outside

-Going for rides in the car



-Holding his head up without bobbing for longer stretches of time

-sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night, praise!

-making eye contact and mimicking facial expressions

-cooing and grunting as he tries to communicate

-drinking 4-6 ounces a day

-has officially doubled in weight since we brought him home from the hospital, he is now 9 pounds!


After six weeks with out babe there are a few items that we use daily. I know when I was making my registry I did as much research as I could but ultimately it was advice from other moms that were the most helpful! All of these items have made our life easier and are 100% worth the money!

  1. Uppa Baby Stroller System (Easy to use, lightweight, and durable)
  2. Zen sleep sack (We use this for his naps and at night. The first night we used it we noticed an immediate difference.)
  3. Comoto Bottle (He took this immediately and can easily transition back and forth from this to breastfeeding daily.)
  4. LOVEVERY baby play mat
  5. HATCH sound and glow machine (awesome for middle of the night feedings, gives off light but not so bright it wakes baby and you can control it from your phone!)
  6. Angelhair Bath tub (simple and easy. fits perfectly in our farmer’s sink and he doesn’t slide around!)
  7. oogiebear infant nose and ear cleaner (great for getting out the boogies, especially since his nostrils are too small for the Frida Baby)
  8. Babysense Video Monitor (best affordable two way picture monitor)
  9. Copper Pearl Car Seat/ Nursing Cover (amazing for keeping the sun out of is eyes and from strangers breathing and touching him)
  10. Muslim Swaddles (we use these not only for swaddling but as a blanket, burp cloth, car seat cover, nursing cover and to lay down over a surface if we need to set him down)

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