Beckam’s Four Month Update

Wow. So much has happened since I last wrote his two month update. I feel like we are starting to settle into our new normal (finally). However, that probably means things are right about to change then!

Hi, I’m 13 lbs and 26 inches long!

There are a few items that we literally use every single day and I literally could not function with out them. I’ve listed them below in case you have a little one or know someone who may have a little one on the way!

what we’ve been using non stop these last few months

Since Beckam’s two month update so much has changed- with him, with us, and will our little family of three! I went back to work at the end of August, Beckam started sleeping through the night, giggling like crazy and we started him on baby food. I outlined a typical schedule for us back in his two month post but that looks a little different now that I am back to work.

Luckily I have enough vacation time that I am only working 4 days a week. My three days off usually fall on the weekdays and Josh is off on the weekends so the other two days B stays with sweet family members. We couldn’t ask for a better support system and truly feel blessed not to have to have to place Beckam in daycare just yet!

I still LOVE bath time!

As for his sleep schedule we are still sticking with his bath time around 7:30 pm followed by bottle, book and bed. He will usually sleep until 7:30 am the next day. However, every now and then he may have a middle of the night waking or early morning rise. Usually a bottle and some snuggles and he is right back to bed though.

We are still working on his nap schedule. If we are home for the majority of the day he will usually go down for two naps. The first, around 10:30-11am and sleep for an hour. The second, around 2-3pm sometimes and will sleep up to two hours (but we don’t let him sleep longer than 2 hours). If we are out and about running errands he may just nap in the car or stroller. I love that he is flexible enough where I don’t feel like I can’t leave the house at certain times. This has really allowed me to keep my sanity and not feel tied to my house.

Mornings with MAMA

Josh and I started listening to the Podcast LIFE with Amy and Jordan recently. On one of the episodes they discuss how children that are read to daily have a vocabulary three times the size of those who are not by the age of three. We decided we wanted to instill a love of reading in Beckam so we started placing books all over the house. We have some in the living room, his nursery and the night stand in our bedroom.

We’ve made it a habit to pick up a book and read to hime anytime we have down time. It’s so sweet to see his little mind working as we point things out on the pages. He will even kick his little legs when he likes something or coo back to us as if he’s talking. Once he gets a little bigger we plan to use the tee-pee that was gifted to us at our shower as a fun reading center.

Beckam Got His Wings!

Beckam took his first plane ride to Chicago! I’m not going to lie traveling with an infant is exhausting, especially when you run into every travel delay possible. BUT he did awesome. If you are interested in our tips of how we traveled with a 3 mo. old check out THIS post!

He is SO CLOSE to rolling over. He can however scoop in circles, push off, pull up into sitting position and pass things from hand to hand. We like to joke that B will be walking before he rolls over. Truthfully, its okay to me. I can already tell once he’s on the move there will be a lot less snuggling mama and a lot more peace out mama.

Family Selfie

We are having so much fun with Beckam at this stage. His personally is truly shinning and boy is he a light. The amount of smiles and laughter and pure joy he brings us and everyone around him is amazing. He truly is a gift from God, perfectly made. I am so very blessed to be chosen to be his mama ( I may or may not be crying, hormones).

First Family Picnic

We’ve officially given up on trying to offer a pacifier. It’s funny how we don’t realize that we’ve created expectations for our children until our children surprise us. I guess I just assumed Beckam would take a pacifier because all children including myself seem to have or have had one. Well he wasn’t having it. Finally we just gave up. Silver lining, at least we don’t have to worry about trying to wean him from another baby aid.

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